“A Modern Fragrant Dialogue”


White aromatic truffles in a cashmere wrap White Tea

Gone were the days of Goody Bags. Intelligent firms now rewarded stars for being stars with expensive tailored care packages.

A cashmere parcel of culinary rarities… warm & aromatic white truffles gently woven into white tea, with a touch of white pepper and delicate almond. The aroma begins with a launch into a harmonious, gentle earthy symphony and fetters out into aa expensive calming finish. A reinvention of the most overused word in candle history: tranuility.

Avg. burn time 40 - 45 hours

£20 All prices include VAT/Tax

Only 30 left in stock

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TruffleT42™ is a soy and beeswax artisan, scented candle. Hand-poured in the UK, with an average burn time of 40 - 45 hours, TruffleT42™ ships worldwide and retails for £20.00 (GBP)


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