“A Modern Fragrant Dialogue”


A collision of Italy & The Moon Citrus Intense

It’s a world gone mad. Somebody threw a dagger into the physiology of the skies! Heavenly hula hoops spiked the axis of time. Italy meet Moon, Moon meet Italia. The powdery luna sparkle of iridescent moon dust peppering the spirits of the humble lime.

Sparkling Italian lime rind muddled with frankincense, soft jasmine, pepper & magnolia…. A luminescent quality peppered with ozonic dusts, the aroma has an intense heart with a light ozone finish.

Avg. burn time 40 - 45 hours

£20 All prices include VAT/Tax

Only 24 left in stock

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LunaLima™ is a soy and beeswax artisan, scented candle. Hand-poured in the UK, with an average burn time of 40 - 45 hours, LunaLima™ ships worldwide and retails for £20.00 (GBP)


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